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Photo with Lainier Long, Samantha, Michael Bebbib & Michelle   

Michelle and her team have created a luxurious line of Fabric Jewels.

With a formal background from New York's Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in textile chemistry and design, Michelle began her career working with Arthur Khan to help develop Gore-Tex Fabrics and designed fabric at Forstmann, the world’s largest woolen mill.  Before launching Anna Irion, Michelle was a color consultant for textile mills around the globe, forecasting hues for seasonal palettes.

Keeping current and "in-vogue", Michelle continues to traveled the world and fashion centres to be inspired in her choice of fabrics, furs, fit and weave to create these inspirations into beautiful Anna Irion Jewels.   


Anna Irion is a global brand demanding attention from women of

Style and Grace. 

Yí - harmony; pleased
An - content; calm; still; quiet; safe;
secure; in good health
Nà (phonetic na) - used especially in girl's names, such as Anna